Farah Hack, RN


As a child Farah knew she was meant to work in the labor world as she was fascinated by the miracle of birth. While attending nursing school, the concepts of advocacy, informed consent and mindful practice resonated with her as she began to form her nursing philosophy. In 2014, she earned an Associates degree from SUNY Farmingdale and became a registered nurse. She began working as an intake nurse at Visiting Nurse Services of NY. In this setting, Farah held many titles including Home Care Consultant and Supervisor of Care Transition Process while supporting thousands of patients during their transition into the home care setting. She continued her education at SUNY Farmingdale and earned a Bachelor’s degree, with honors, in Nursing.  

Farah chose Gaia Midwives as her primary provider during her first 2 pregnancies. She received intimate, holistic and attentive care that she believes is so vital to mothers throughout their pregnancies and during their labor and postpartum journey. 


In 2019, she jumped at the opportunity to work with Gaia Midwives as a birth assistant; now able to assist in delivering the same attentive and personalized care as she received. 


2020 came and so did Farah’s 3rd third ‘pandemic’ baby, born via water birth in her home; an experience that allows her to relate closely with Gaia’s families. In the same year, Farah also began working as the postpartum visiting nurse for Gaia. In this role, she visits postpartum mothers and families in those first few days following their home births as they adjust to caring for a newborn. She is present to ensure Gaia’s mothers are well supported in their labor recovery. 

As a native New Yorker, Farah enjoys exploring the city, being outdoors, painting and crafting, listening to podcasts and spending time with her family.