Laura Goldschrafe, CNM and WHNP


Laura’s midwifery and women’s health journey began when she decided to follow her dreams by leaving her teaching career behind and to attend nursing school.  Laura earned her second bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Stony Brook University.  While in nursing school she became intrigued by women’s health and became acquainted with many of Long Island’s midwives.  Laura loved and respected the mission of modern midwifery practice and knew at that point, she wanted to one day further bridge her nursing practice over to midwifery.  After graduating nursing school, Laura went on to work as a registered nurse on Labor and Delivery at Stony Brook, where she met her now dear friend, Colleen.


Laura and Colleen later attended Frontier Nursing University together.  After graduating, Laura then pursued a post-master’s certificate in Women’s Health, which gave her a stronger foundation in gynecological care. 


Laura has spent the last few years working as a part-time Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Stony Brook University Associates in OBGYN.  After hearing of an opportunity to assist the Gaia Midwives with their in-office women’s health practice, she was thrilled to offer her support.