Michele Liot, CNM, MSN

My name is Michele Liot, and I am privileged to have joined the Gaia Midwives team. I am a graduate of the Stony Brook University Nurse-Midwifery Program. I was born and raised on the East End of Long Island in the small town of Sag Harbor, where I continue to live with my husband Jason and our two children, Dax and Aurora.


Raised in a large family, where 4 out of the 6 children were born at home, I was exposed to the normalcy of home birth and midwifery care from a very young age. My mother taught childbirth education in our living room and attended births as an assistant and support person before the term Doula had been coined. I had read Spiritual Midwifery from cover to cover more times than I could count prior to attending my first birth at age 13… the birth of my brother Silas in our home. I was awed and inspired and knew that I would work with birthing people in the future.


Fast forward many years, I completed my nursing degree at Stony Brook University after finishing my first Bachelor’s Degree in Abnormal Clinical Psychiatry with a concentration in Women’s Studies. I started my nursing career at Stony Brook University Hospital where I worked for almost 12 years, the last 7 years of which were in Labor and Delivery. Before starting my Midwifery studies I was blessed with my first son, who was born in our home during a major blizzard in January of 2014. My birth experience propelled me forward to apply to grad school. Then, as many second babies are, a little surprise on the eve of my first day of school, a positive pregnancy test to check my conviction. I stayed in school and delivered my daughter days before finals.


So here I am, at your service, blessed and honored to be with the Gaia Midwives practice. I look forward to providing informed care with an emphasis on autonomy and respect for the birthing person and their family. It is my joy to serve.