Rachel Keeney, CNM


Rachel Keeney grew up in northwest Connecticut before pursuing an undergraduate degree in pre-med and natural sciences from Hampshire College in 2014 in Massachusetts. After working in the laboratory setting and exploring the path of midwifery, she realized her passions and talents were perfectly aligned with working more directly and holistically with women and their families. Her scientific background and familiarity with the data-driven world led her to realizing that the evidence overwhelmingly supports physiologic birth and nonintervention in low risk pregnancies, outlined by the mystique of the beautifully unknowable. 


Rachel became a nurse initially with the aspiration to pursue midwifery, acquiring her Master’s of Science of Nursing at Johns Hopkins University in 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland and attended births as a student doula. Rachel worked as an HIV/AIDs and then perinatal nurse while pursuing a Master’s of Science degree as a certified nurse midwife from Frontier Nursing University, graduating in 2022. Rachel’s nursing experiences showed her the importance of thorough primary care and the trauma-healing powers for women and their families when we meet their reproductive and birthing needs in personal and comprehensive ways, viewing birth as an opportunity for reframing life and family. She is concerned about nationally increasing rates of maternal morbidity and mortality and racial disparities therein; she desires to work with Gaia Midwives as a response to this urgent need and remain dedicated to supporting physiologic pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum needs.

Rachel comes from Maryland, living with her partner, Joe, and their cat, Oreo. She enjoys bodybuilding, sending real letters, and occasionally dabbling in crafts- especially when with family and friends.