Guest Blog: The Reason Why

Why I Switched from OBGYN to Midwives at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Have you thought to yourself, “This pregnancy I will go with my OBGYN and NEXT pregnancy I’ll go with midwives”? or perhaps, “I just want to see what it’s like to give birth and THEN once I have that under my belt, I explore other routes like midwives, home births, or birthing centers for my next birth?”

I know I did.

In fact, those were the mantras going through my head all the way up until week 35 (!!!!) of my first pregnancy. But then I made the change and I am so grateful that I did.

Exactly a year before I gave birth, I saw the documentary, “The Business of Being Born”. It struck a cord with me. I knew someday in the future I would be pregnant and at that point, I would revisit the documentary and consider going a different route than the normal hospital birth. I figured I would have at least 3 years before that would come back on my radar. In actuality, it was 4 months later that I peed on a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant.

This was unexpected. I was not dating the father of my baby. I was in shock, although I couldn’t be happier than I was in that moment. Exactly a year before I peed on that pregnancy test, I was looking into being a single mother by choice by the time I was 35 years old. It seemed that that choice was made for me a few years earlier, though.

That being said, I had no idea what being pregnant meant, really. It wasn’t like I was married and trying to have a child or going down that single mother by choice avenue and getting artificially inseminated. (If I had, I think I would have had a better inkling of what to do when I found out I was pregnant.) But as it was, I was shocked and also super sick that weekend that test read positive. I needed some relief from the cold but ran into the first pregnancy barrier when I picked up the DayQuil, “Consult a doctor before use if pregnant.”