A quick home water birth

Baby Maverick, George, and Erica

I can not express enough satisfaction and gratefulness for the team at Gaia Midwives!! Ashley, Colleen, and Amanda are all amazing and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful experience from beginning to end of your pregnancy. I am 100% going to use them for future births and have been using them for women wellness since I had my son October 2017. They are nothing short of amazing! I really can’t say enough good things!

They respect my and my husband’s request for holistic care and are very knowledgeable and helpful with all questions we’ve had thus far. I am very grateful my husband stumbled on their website during our hunt for care. We cycled through three OB/GYN offices before making the switch to Gaia Midwives.

I never felt comfortable or welcomed by any of the OB/GYNs. I always felt like my birth plan was being disregarded. I knew I did not want drugs. I did not want a C-section. I wanted a 100% natural birth of my son. After doing research we realized we wanted a home water birth instead of going to the hospital.

My husband found Gaia’s website and scheduled my first visit at 35 weeks pregnant! We were welcomed by Ashley and she answered all of our concerns and what seemed like a million questions. She was patient and made us truly feel at ease like she cared about us and our little one on the way. Each visit they made sure that we were still on track for a safe home delivery.

I was in close contact with Ashley when I was in early labor. She was so helpful and let me know what I would expect in the transition to active labor. Ashley and Colleen arrived at our home, making sure our room and pool were properly situated with my husband as I was being coached through the contractions. Both Ashley and Colleen were 100% there for our baby boy and me the whole time. Monitoring the baby’s heart rate periodically and his positioning to make sure we were still okay for a home birth. A short 4 hours later in the very early morning, our son Maverick was born via water in the arms of my husband and the midwives.

The after-care of Maverick and myself was astounding. They made sure that he was breast feeding properly after birth (and up to 2 weeks later). They made sure that we both were healthy immediately after delivery and with a couple visits up to 6 weeks postpartum. It is a truly amazing team at Gaia Midwives! Thank you all for such an amazing experience- looking forward to future ones!!

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